What I Do

Fitness. Anytime. Anywhere.

One-on-one personal training in-person or through live streaming on a mobile device or computer. I develop personalized training sessions, including nutritional guidance, specifically for you and your needs to help you meet your fitness goals. Much of this is done through functional training. Functional training is training our bodies to better perform what we do in everyday life, like lifting boxes, carrying grocery bags, or even a baby, all while going up a flight of stairs. One of my core beliefs however is that you need to develop both strength and balance in order to achieve your maximum fitness potential. You cannot focus on one without the other. Strength & Balance exercises will make your body stronger yet keep you flexible at the same time: endurance/circuit training, strength training, balance and core exercises, flexibility (yoga). This includes the use of TRX, free weights, resistance bands, stability balls, your own bodyweight, you name it.

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