Who Am I?

I am an athlete. I'm a motivator. Empowering people is my passion.

My journey as a personal trainer is not mine alone but a journey I choose to take with each one of my clients. Each of my client's goals becomes my own goals. Each struggle my struggle. Each challenge my challenge. It's not just about training someone in front of you. It's about understanding why you are training someone in front of you. Who they are, what they want, and what they want to achieve. It's only until you understand that can you truly help someone see past all the roadblocks, hurdles, and challenges. It's only then that you can truly help people empower themselves.

I set out each day to be my better self and I would like the chance to inspire you to do the same and achieve your personal best.

Who am I? I am Jennifer Jacobs and I am more than just a personal trainer. I am your personal fitness motivator, supporter and your inspiration. I take this journey along side you as you go on the path towards your better self. Together we will let nothing stand in our way.

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